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#1 Reason To Call World Pet Travel

We truly understand how complicated and emotional this can be for your family and your loved ones. BECAUSE we have moved our own family and pets, multiple times, both internationally and domestically, we get it. We understand the cost of moving is always higher than expected. We understand there is always more to juggle than we anticipated when relocating.  All of this is taken into consideration when we are assisting you. Who better to help than someone who truly understands the complications and has been through it themselves?

#2 Why Choose Our Services

When we say “move your pets the safe and stress-free way” we truly mean it. Your pet is OUR pet when they are in our care. We take full responsibility for their care throughout the process. We would not do for your pet anything we would not do for our own          Mini-Cooper pictured here.

You want whoever is in contact with your family pets to treat them as you would from start to finish, an extension of you in your absence. We get it!


#3 How Does This Help You?

Less stress and less worry for you in this already stressful situation. You can be assured that your pet, just like our Mini-Cooper will be taken care of in VIP style. You can now focus your energies on the other important aspects of your relocation process. We know each person that will be in contact with your Mini-Cooper throughout their journey, for this reason can assure their safety like no one else.


#4 Why Trust World Pet Travel?

Referred by the most experienced and reputable airlines, veterinarians and companies in the world, our company is licensed by the USDA and certified by International Air Transportation Association (IATA) in Live Animal Regulations (LAR) in the safe handling of Live Animals. Following government and Animal Welfare regulations ensures your pet’s safety and well-being throughout their travel experience. As members of IPATA, we are supported by a network of amazing pet specialists worldwide.


Atlanta to Australia

Hi Angela, Our gorgeous dogs arrived at our house today. Everyone was so excited to be reunited. 😊 They are happy and healthy. Lots of snuggles happening tonight. Thank you so much for all your assistance! Kind regards, Meredith and Erik Rosier

Costa Rica to London

Hi Angela, Just thought I'd let you know that we both made it to Cornwall and Leo is settling in really well although feeling the cold a but I think! It was a long trip for him from Costa Rica to England. Thanks for all you hard work. Aisha

Our Bentley Costa Rica to Canada

Thanks to Emily!! I would say my happiest moment was when I saw Kyra and Bentley for the first time here in Canada, that’s definitely priceless!! We are very happy to have our babies with us, they are now resting a lot, exploring all the house because everything is...

Japan to USA

Tips & Tails Tales from World Pet Travel Pet Travel, who knew it could be so complicated...They are happy being with us in the hotel, finally reunited. Thank you for all your help getting them here we greatly appreciate your patience. Leslie Previous Posts...

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