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 World Pet Travel solves one of the biggest challenges we face in relocation today.

What to do with the family pets when moving?

With over two decades of successful global pet relocation, World Pet Travel has mastered the process to ensure safe travel for every family pet, both domestic and international.

Allow our Pet Travel Consultants to tell you more of how we can help your family members transition into your new home safely and stress free.

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#1 Reason to Call

All of us at World Pet Travel understand from our own personal experiences how complicated relocating a loved one can be and BECAUSE we have moved our own family pets, multiple times, both internationally and domestically. We get it! Our own personal experiences has afforded us the opportunity to know exactly what you are going through. Not only as a pet owner, but as a family. Who better to help than a team of professionals that has been through it themselves?

#2 Why World Pet Travel?

When we say “move your pets the safe and stress-free way” we truly mean it. With THOUSANDS of successful relocations behind us, World Pet Travel understands what it takes to get your furry ones to their new home. We would not do for your pet anything we would not do for our own




#3 How Does This Help You?

Less stress and less worry for you in this already stressful situation.  You   can be certain that your pet, just like our own Mini-Cooper will be taken care of in VIP style. You can now focus your energies on the other important aspects of your relocation process. We know each person that will be in contact with your Mini-Cooper throughout their journey, for this reason can assure their safety like no one else.


#4 Trust in World Pet Travel

Referred by the most experienced and reputable airlines, veterinarians and companies in the world, our company is licensed by the USDA and certified by International Air Transportation Association (IATA) in Live Animal Regulations (LAR) in the safe handling of Live Animals. Following government and Animal Welfare regulations ensures your pet’s safety and well-being throughout their travel experience. As members of IPATA, we are supported by a network of amazing pet specialists worldwide.


Jessie & Sol’s Move from Texas to Dubai

"We had a amazing experience. My lovely babies are in Dubai with us. Thank you so much World Pet Travel, specially for You, Brittany and Diane that gave to me all the support. For sure I will recommend." - Haddad Family

Louis, Penelope & Lloron’s Move from USA to Germany

"Best experience ever! I’ll definitely recommend your services to everyone!!!" - Galler Family

Lily’s Big Move from Michigan to France

"Awesome services! Pet was treated well too. Glad to work with them. I would recommend them to others." - Shah Family

Morgan & Sadie’s Big Move from USA to Lithuania

"I would use this service anytime, any staff we interacted with was spectacular. Thanks everyone!" - Kyler Family

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