South Africa to Costa Rica

“I recently had the pleasure of experiencing firsthand the professionalism, attention to detail and passion that Angela and her team at World Pet Travel subscribe to.

My partner and I emigrated from South Africa to Costa Rica – a very long and arduous journey for our two dogs and two cats. The day before they were due to arrive, I received a call from Angela questioning the paperwork that had been sent to her from the company handling the pets departure from South Africa. Angela had picked up that the dogs vaccines were incomplete and the cats certificates did not have a government seal on them. I was shocked as the animals were already in the air, on their way to Miami. It was a really devastating feeling, as we had paid a lot of money to ensure that our precious animal companions would arrive as promised.Wootin

Angela immediately took control of the situation. She let me know that it would be possible for the animals to board in Miami while her team sorted out the missing vaccines and the incomplete documentation. This took a week in total, as the animals needed to visit the vet again and then wait for import permits to be issued. I was in contact via Skype and phone with Angela the whole time as she sorted everything out and kept me updated. I received pictures of my pets from Miami which was wonderful and I could see that they were doing well. Angela also sent me all the info regarding the place where the animals were staying. All of these actions together turned a very stressful and worrying situation into one where I was confident that my pets were being well cared for during their layover in Miami. We even started to joke that the pets were having a holiday on the way to us!

JadeWe knew exactly what was going on and where our animals were at each moment. Her team in Costa Rica called us as soon as they had collected them from the airport and the driver called us twice on his way to deliver them to our door.

After quite an ordeal, our family was reunited and we will all be forever thankful for the amazing service we received from Angela and World Pet Travel.”

Wishing you all the best for the future. (Not that you need it, because you are already the best!)

Love Shayne

Move to UK

It have been a year, and I just realized I forgot to thank you for your help in getting my boy’s to the UK.  You took the hassle out of the process for me and for that I thank you dearly. I worried about them during my flight, and thought of all the bad things that could have happened, but my boys made it to Heathrow in one piece and in good heath, if not a little po’d for their troubles. and it’s all thanks to you and the work you put in to make it happen. And because of this my boys were permitted to enter the UK, unlike someone else’s poor little pet who’s paperwork was not in order, and their carers were scrapping to obtain the right documents at customs. I can’t thank you enough for saving me from such a dilemma. 


Many, many thanks

Tania Maltby

New York to Costa Rica

Marley and family Hi Angela,

Just wanted to let you know that everything went so smoothly!  Marley and I did great on the move thanks to your services.  I think Marley actually was calmer than I was.  Andrea met up with us with Marley at my mother-in-law’s house and was very pleasant and helpful.  We have now settled in at our house in Papagayo.  It was a pleasure doing business with you, I am confident and very satisfied..

As the time approaches for our return, let me know of the steps I need to do for her flight back to NJ.  What certifications will I need etc.?

Thanks so much again for everything!

The Vicendese Family and Marley


Washington DC to Abu Dhabi


I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Layla and Meatball arrived early this morning.   The driver who brought them from Abu Dhabi was such a sweet man, I believe his name was Bassem.

The cats appear to be healthy and happy and seemed very excited to see us again.  They are now checking out their new apartment and watching  the new bird species outside our windows.

Thanks for everything,


Kids to Costa Rica

Good morning!!!!!!

Our kids are safe and sleeping in their new home as I type.  Jon said they were happy and stinky by the time he had driven them all the way to Nosara.  We were laughing. You and your staff are absolutely amazing! We cannot thank you enough for your hard work. My babies are safe and mission complete. 

Big hug and Kiss!!!!


Costa Rica to Canada

Bobby going to Toronto 05-13Hi Angela!

Bobby is here at our house now. We got him last night and then after all the immigration and claiming the dog, we had car trouble and I’m just getting up now. Sorry I couldn’t call last night but I got home at about 4 AM.

 Bobby is happy and healthy and already running around with lots of energy to burn off after yesterday’s trip. We are so grateful to Andrea and you for all your hard work.

 Claiming him at Air Canada Cargo was easy! No problems whatsoever. And the people were kind. We paid about $100 CAD in taxes and fees but not too bad.

Thank you again we are forever grateful!

Jo, Alex and Bobby

2 Dogs/3 Cats Move to Costa Rica

Dear Angela,

I know this email is a little late in the writing, but I have adjusted to Tico time quite rapidly.

I wanted to thank you and your agency so much for the wonderful and professional job you did in getting all our critters to their new home in San Ramon! The quality of care and service you provided exceeded our best expectations. Everything from the quality of the carriers you provided to the follow up call once they had safely arrived was exceptional to say the least! The crates were all so large that I am sure that each cat and dog felt like they had been given their own private condo to live in! Josie’s was so big that we are considering having a carpenter add it on to our house so we can have a 3rd bedroom! :)

After watching all you did to help us and our pets, I am convinced that we could have never got this done by ourselves. It all went off without a hitch! (at least for us and the pets) I know you worked very hard to make this a smooth process. It was worth every penny we spent and more. Please thank all of your staff on our behalf.

Please feel free to use any part or all of this letter on your web site to let people know how happy we have been with your services.

Two barks, three meows, and two thank you’s to World Pet Travel!

Steven M Hill

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix
“Cuando el poder del amor supere el amor al poder, el mundo conocerá la paz” Jimi Hendrix=

Shelby moves from Phoenix to Costa Rica

Shelby KunzHi Angela,

Just wanted to let you know that Shelby arrived safely around 4pm this evening.

Thanks to you and your staff for getting her here to be with us…

Puriscal, Costa Rica
Nancy and Derek


Jano moves to Belgium from Nicaragua!

CIMG1999Hello Angela,

I wanted to thank you for the good care you took in getting Jano safe and sound on his journey from Nicaragua to Belgium…

I picked him up on Friday,19. of October at 13.30pm at Brussels cargo hub and met with Winfried Weisner-a very nice guy…

There were no problems at all.  All custom formalities had been handled by the time I had arrived.  I could just receive him and leave right away.

Jano was in good shape, glad to see me and very anxious to finally get out of his kennel!

Today, 2 weeks later he has well acclimatised to the Belgian climate (cold,wet and rainy), he eats well and with a good appetite.

Thanks a lot, once again and I will not fail to recommend you.

Kindest regards from both myself and Jano


Oregon to Costa Rica

Dear Angela,
Our sweet puppy was delivered 10 minutes ago – she’s in good spirits and was happy to see us.
Thank you, your helpers/staff and your organization very much for all you did.
Fabulous service!!!
Jim & Irina – and Zooey

Moving from Costa Rica to Canada


I’m now positive you are connected to the Big Man from up North! You’ve just gave us the greatest present we could hope for.

I know there is still the journey to get through, but I know everyone involved does their best to help all animals in transit.

My apologies that Tangle did not get to have her shots before she came to Andrea.  Dr. Wendy was concerned when Tangle took longer to rebound from her surgery. It turned out Tangle was a bit anemic and it took a while for Tangle to get back to her usual appetite.

Please ensure that all additional costs are covered.  You and Andrea have made things so much better for Tangle, there are not enough words to convey our gratitude for all the efforts you have made on Tangle’s behalf.

Larry and I will definitely be home on Friday…perhaps even with bells on!

Again, thank you so much and if there is anything you require from us,  please let me know.  I will be staying connected all day for the rest of the week.

Kathy & Larry in Vancouver

Moving to Cebu Philippines



I wanted to thank you for truly going above and beyond in order to help me get Morgan to Cebu. I truly appreciate all the detailed work you and your team had to do to help prepare him for the trip.  I don’t know what I would have done without you. He arrived non-stressed and eager to meet the family.

This is now the 3rd time World Pet Travel  has handled a pet move for me. First from the US to Costa Rica, then from Costa Rica to Seattle and now Morgan from Denver to Cebu. Each and every move, my pets have been handled with care by a member of your team of pet lovers. They were not stressed by the travel and all arrived happy. Morgan is settling into his new home quickly. You truly have won a repeat customer !

He is very well behaved and very obedient – and shedding like mad having come from a colder place. I am very happy with him. I’ve been busy bonding with him all day ( and realizing all my leashes did not make it to Cebu when we moved)

You may use my message – or any part of it – as a testimonial to the excellent work you do!


Houston to Costa Rica

Cher and Craig arrived in Costa Rica this morning only hours after leaving Houston on Continental.  Cher and Craig drove cross country from Maryland to Texas so that their babies (happy family pictured here), Fletcher and Niki could be on a direct flight to San Jose.

Cher had a very difficult journey, not only with the drive, but with her documents and getting them in order for the Costa Rica government.  Because she was trying to tackle this on her own it was harder than if she has hired World Pet Travel to handle the move for her.

Since WPT has been operating in Costa Rica since 2000 and in the US since 1998, we are well versed in the laws of both countries.  We know well what is required for both countries whether a pet is entering/ leaving the US and/or entering/leaving Costa Rica, we are the best company for the job.

I believe that Cher and many of our prior clients would attest to this.

Please visit our testimonials page to read more.


California to Abu Dhabi, UAE

We are Fiji and Tico and we moved from San Diego, CA to Abu Dhabi, UAE.  This is what our mom has to say about our move….

The most stressful part of moving with my husband to the UAE was all about how our two cats (Fiji and Tico) would survive the travel 1/2 way around the world.  I was so pleased to get in touch with Angela as she was able to answer my very long list of questions.  There are so many rules and regulations for each country and airline and I knew that hiring an expert would help us immensely.

I was pleased to have Angela’s assistance as there are many hoops to jump through and lots of paperwork that needs to be in order before the cats could travel.  My biggest concern was that due to time constraints the cats had to be picked up by a third party, driven to LA and kept over night before they could even begin their long flight segments.  However, the driver showed up and was a big sweetheart of a guy.  He was very reassuring, introduced himself to our cats, told stories about his best pets and totally put me at ease.  What a relief!

I am happy to report that the cats are doing extremely well.  They have settled in and found all the best sunny spots in our new home.

Thanks World Pet Travel… we will be calling when it is time to move again!



Honduras to Cebu Philippines

Dear Angela,

I want to thank you for the way you handled the trip from Roatan (an island off Honduras) to Cebu, Philippines for our three cats.  They were just as calm and happy when they arrived, we’d have never guessed they had been on a 3 day trip around the world.

I was especially impressed when I found out that one of their connecting flights was late and instead of just putting them on the next flight which did not have sufficient air circulation, you held them safely until they could get on another flight that was safe.  I am sure you deal everyday with people whose pets are family and very dear to them.  We were concerned since this was the first time we had shipped our pets anyway but in the cabin.  It was a delight to find them in such obviously good condition.

I have already recommended your company to friends who are having a hard time shipping their pets overseas.  It is complicated and even one little glitch in a foreign country can spell disaster.  We thank you for your conscientious and kind treatment and won’t hesitate to use you in the future.


Pam Casey
p.s.  we’re still trying to get the little devils all together for a family photo!



Florida to Costa Rica

Hi there just wanted to thank you for sending Nusa. All went very pleasant. She is very happy there and loves her great dane sister kuda and running free all the time. That is a huge headache i never have to worry about.  I will highly recommend you.

Thanks heaps,


England to Kentucky

I was happy with Molly May’ s move.  Everything was fine and the service was brilliant. It was a huge relief to have her travel from England back to Ky without a lot of stress and worry. She is over the 5 hour time difference and doing great.

Thank you!


Dayton, Ohio to Newcastle, UK

Millie, Scrappy and Kitty were collected from our home in Dayton, Ohio by John and his son and everything went really smoothly, I felt confident that my animals were in very capable hands! The girls were all delivered to our door in the UK around 2 hours after we arrived from the US which was fantastic. They were in excellent condition and they, and their travel cages, were all clean and dry. I would highly recommend using World Pet Travel to transport your animals, right from the first contact with John I felt confident that he knew what he was doing and he guided me through every step of the process to get my animals back into the UK.
Thanks for everything!
Kind regards

Texas to Costa Rica and Back

Toby and Jack

We cannot thank you enough for the care you gave to our animals. It was without a doubt the most stressful part of the move. Soon as we connected with World Pet Travel I was finally able to relax. When they arrived in Costa Rica the agent was nice enough to give one of our

Costa Rican Cat, Thomas

dogs a bath because he got sick on the plane. We came back to Texas during the holiday season which made it difficult for paperwork due to all the governmental closing during that time, but World Pet Travel took care of everything. Though we all miss Costa Rica our dogs our happy and safe back in the states.


Thank you for everything.


The Taylor’s

Detroit to Abu Dhabi

Hi Angela,

Joey and Barney have safely arrived in Abu Dhabi and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for everything you and your team have done.


Kind Regards,

Dimple & Nikil